Our Plivacy Policy

WE  fully appreciates the great importance of protecting our clients’ privacy and information.

Our privacy policy describes how we use and protect clients’ personal information and business information shared with MIYAGAWACPA  Official Website (hereafter, this Site).

We hope these information will help provide you with a better understanding.

Handling of personal information

We will not reveal, lend, or transfer a client’s personal information and data to any third party without the customer’s approval.
However, this obligation will not apply if we are requested to divulge such information by legal authorities, etc., or if we need to do so in order to protect our rights and properties.

Clients who use this Site do so under their own responsibility.
We will not be responsible for any damages incurred through use of this Site or the various information contained within this Site that has been obtained from other websites.

This Site is under the management of us. Although this Site may be accessed from countries around the world, each with differing laws, customers who access this Site agree to be subject to the regulations of Japanese law in regard to their use of this Site.

Although, as described above, we shall take the utmost care in regards to customers’ personal information, we ask that our clients themselves also take sufficient care in the management of their information.