Challnging Changes in the future

We believe that it is very important to communication with our clients for the future.

So we should keep touch on our clients and constantly searching for better ways for our client.

In addition we are actively involved in promoting IT using the latest technology to improve clients' convenience.

For example we are using various cloud tools as accounting software, communication chat tool, data storage and so on.

We must be trusted advisors for international companies doing business in Fukuoka.

Innovating thinking for your business in Fukuoka

Professional Accounting firm in FukuokaMIYAGAWA CPA OFFICE

Our basic philosophy

We will continue to be professionals needed for the entire lifetime as your partner.

For smiles of customers, we will continue to be professionals who is first relied on.

We will bring happiness of partners both materially and mentally.

We will continue to acquire a profound knowledge, search and offer highly professional services that our society needs.

Service Policy

We will
・Support proper tax declaration with full effort (Please leave tax investigation to us too)
・Propose appropriate tax-saving measures with customer’s positions in mind
・Support customers about consultation (legal issues, inheritance, registration, etc.) except for accounting and tax, making effective use of Expert network (lawyer, judicial scrivener, labor and social security attorney, etc.)

To a brighter Steps for you business in Fukuoka

Representative Director CEOHideyuki Miyagawa

About us

Office Name
Kyowa building 6F,2-8-38, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka,810-0001, JAPAN
Business Description
Accountig Service
Taxation Service
Payroll Service
Comapny Registration
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